We may not reinvent the wheel – however wheels used to be made from wood back in the days, too. Using rocket science materials combined with anchient knowledge to create something new wasn't straightforward. As the result the instruments are tonal equal unique pieces, brilliant and present.
   Black, elegant - but also sexy somehow.


The perfekt symbiosis of timeless design, sensuous looks and feel combined with traditional dimensions


Easy response without comparison.

Easy travelling

No more fear about climate changes or import restrictions at the customs.


Our long lasting material is a contribution to prevent forests from ruthless exploitation


Perfect fit for the grueling use at the studio or while you are on tour

Lasting value

Our instruments keep their value due to their insensitivity and good structure

Carbon-Klang is a brand of Dietmar Zonewicz. At Carbon-Klang extensive experience in making musical instrumente meets over 25 years experience in aerospace technology. Against this background we develop and manufacture high-end musical instruments made from fibre reinforced plastics.

We invite you to visit us.
Learn who we are, what Carbon-Klang stands for and what we trust in.
   Discover handicraft - Hightech.